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New year, same old me

Happy new year folks! So here we are again, it’s time for the now traditional start-of-year blog. Hitting all these well-worn subjects from years gone by: Hope you had a good Christmas The weather is rubbish The weather has been rubbish all Christmas I’m doing loads of running again Most of this has taken place in really, really rubbish weather Got me some new running shoes The rubbish weather has trashed them already Happy new year! It’s been an busy couple of months since my last blog marking the close of the year’s activities – where I hinted at bigger things to come – to now where I am in...

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Sunset to sunrise: riding The Dunwich Dynamo

It’s been a long time coming this one. One of the last personal ambitions left since starting this little blog up all those years ago: a two-wheeled century. 100 miles on a pushbike. I’ve blogged about it, I’ve worried about it, I’ve put it off, I’ve blogged about it again. I’ve been rejected by ballots, I’ve had bikes stolen. I’ve gone back to running, I’ve got bored of running, I’ve got new bike(s) and began blogging about the century again. I’ve been rejected by another bloody ballot and so on the very day of this year’s rejection, I vowed...

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A ton to Dun

Now that the dust has settled on my whirlwind spin round Yorkshire, it’s time to look at the bigger picture. I’ve said a few times now: this is just the start of it. A warmup. Testing the water. Finding out a bit about myself. It’s all a bit like when I took my first steps as a runner in back in 2007; starting small, then building up. My first ever race was a three-mile fun run around central Manchester, which I still to this day believe I won because I am an idiot and took the whole thing too...

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On tour

After becoming a running idiot all the way back in 2007, I’ve now got 25 running events under my belt. And yet somehow I’ve always seemed to just about dodge any horrific weather while I’m out there racing. There’s been a few near misses along the way, don’t get me wrong; I live in the north-west, after all. Both marathons were forecast to be pretty horrific, only for me to end up dodging it completely as the heavens opened within a few minutes of crossing the line. Some of parkruns near me have been somewhat soggy underfoot thanks to...

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Breaking down

I’m beginning to think I’m cursed. Saturday morning and a beautiful clear, crisp spring affair. The third consecutive weekend longer spin out on the bike, training for my first bike event since 2013, Le Tour de Yorkshire in just over a weeks’ time. The weekend before had been a bit of a struggle, back home for the weekend and out on my 18 year old mountain bike with knobbly tyres struggling on the road and a horrific headwind. This though, was heavenly; birds chirping away as I whizzed down the country lanes of Cheshire, the sun gradually taking the...

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