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Cider on/training off

I have often wondered what could have been had I discovered that I was actually pretty decent at running about 10 years before I actually did. After all, the kid that used to live next door to my Aunt and Uncle that I used to occasionally hang around with now goes round winning national races, and can run a 10k in under 30 minutes. And to think I was the little cretin that threw his sunglasses the river. Could that have been me now, running around for a living? Have I somehow missed out on the chance of being vaguely successful at something instead of being stuck doing temporary admin work for the local government in the run up to my 30th birthday? After all, I’m shit at football but at least I can run around (aimlessly) for ninety minutes. Imagine if I did a sport where that was all I had to do? I could have been something! Actually, no. No I couldn’t. I simply do not have the mentality for it. Take this weekend for instance. Barely a week into my training plan for next Sunday’s Liverpool Tunnel 10k and the simple act of “going to watch the football” on Saturday turned into a cider and wine bender so severe that I was still feeling rough on the bus into work this morning. I was supposed to...

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Yesterday I completed my first marathon

Kind of. Actually, not really. Not at all in all honesty. Well, I did. But also I didn’t. Essentially, yesterday, at around 5:35pm, I completed my 26th mile. Time to congratulate myself? Crack the champagne out? Roll out the bunting and party poppers? Not really. Yes, it was my 26th mile. Yes, it’s quite a long way to run. And technically it is a marathon. My 26th mile. Since I began training. Since I said goodbye to my old shoes (sob), bought some new ones and began to take it all a bit seriously. 26 miles, split over six different runs, over a twelve day period. So not really a marathon then. But it still felt significant, in a way. It also felt immensely intimidating. It had taken me nearly two weeks to run a distance that I will be expected to do in one morning. Worse, I had been absolutely shattered after each and every single one of the six individual runs. It’s hard to understand how any human being is capable of running that sort of distance at this stage, but there’s a long way to go, and a lot of blood, sweat and tears ahead of me yet. Positive mental attitude and all that. Plus some guy ran the London Marathon this year with a fucking washing machine on his back. I know, because I saw...

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“You don’t need a ferry to cross the Mersey”

After watching the video flyby of the Liverpool Marathon route last week, realistically I had a number of options. I could have sat down in a darkened room and openly wept about my self-imposed misfortune. I could have manned up and stoically faced my fears, eye to eye, mano a marathon. I suppose I could have just shrugged, moved on, and thought about the sense of achievement that would entail and the amount of money I would be raising for charity. Instead, I signed up for this: I have no idea why I did it. Another impulse I guess, much like the initial marathon entry.  Turns out I can’t get enough of running around Merseyside. I had kind of put it to the back of my mind, but this turned up in the post today: ALL OF A SUDDEN IT JUST GOT SERIOUS. Within the space of two days I have gone from idly mulling over the need to perhaps get out and do a couple of runs in anticipation for The Big Day In October, to actually having to physically drag my arse out and train for a 6.2 mile run with 3,000 other idiots IN THREE WEEKS TIME (including crossing the Mersey in a tunnel, which the website assures me is “not as daunting as you may think”.) “Not as daunting as you may think”. Consider me filled with...

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Things like this are surely only made to put you off

Just take a look at this: Seriously, WTF? Why make something like this? And then email me to tell me to look at it? Quote from email: “If you’re looking for inspiration then take a look at the flythrough video on the web site that takes you around the full course” Looking for inspiration! I don’t feel very inspired. A few points: Yes, it’s very cool No, I don’t want to see it I watched the whole thing anyway It looks really far The first section on The Wirral looks like it might be a bit of a dump If I can physically run it as fast as Google Chrome just ran it then maybe everything will be OK I want my Mum Also, I am hoping that the fact that it appears to actually be over 27 miles on the flythrough is an error. I do NOT want to run any more than is absolutely necessary. In fact I am not sure I want to run any more than the 5.5 miles I did last...

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Farewell, old friends

The magnitude of what I am putting myself through really hit home this week. I’ve started building up my mileage a bit to the start of the training plan in June, but started to get a few niggly aches and strains. Turns out my running shoes are knacked. So I looked into the average life for a pair of running shoes and it turns out that the new pair will be worn out before I even get to the start of the marathon in October. That’s how much training is required. Distinctly unappealing. So I’ve got some new shoes. Nothing of interest to report there, except saying goodbye to the old pair was strangely emotional. I bought these back in 2007 when I’d just graduated, was working in a supermarket and basically spent all my free time pissed up and not exercising. I bought them in lurid orange so that I couldn’t wear them out and about casually, and if I didn’t do some bloody running I would have wasted all my money. Found out I was actually quite good at running and got into it more than I ever thought I would. If I hadn’t have bought these I probably wouldn’t be writing this now and looking towards the 9th October with such trepidation. I have covered many miles in them; I’ve run well in them, I’ve run badly...

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