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World rankin 23

Those of you that follow me on Twitter, or have clicked on the link down the side of this blog, may be aware of a very strange little website that has been tracking me as I’ve been running all over South Manchester this summer. I did not sign up to it, I have never contacted anyone who runs it, and I have never spoke to anyone else who has even heard of it. But it exists, and it is watching me. I first noticed them around six months ago when I got back from a run and received a mention on Twitter saying “@Seeph Congrats! Your RunKeeper Rank has been updated! #WorldRankin“. Now if you’ve used Twitter at all for any length of time, you’ll be aware of the amount of spam you get sent, and the golden rule with any spam is NEVER CLICK ON THE LINK. If you do, you’ll lose everything. Your house, your savings, your family. You’ll end up with a Russian bride living in the kitchen and a bathroom full of thousands of bottles of knocked off viagra. But this looked a bit different. So against my better judgement, I clicked on it, and was taken to a website that I think probably made me feel even worse. Someone was stalking me. My each and every run that I had logged using RunKeeper was listed on here, and I had been...

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Target smashing

First things first. As of around 1pm on Thursday, I clicked over £1,000 on my JustGiving page. I’m quite frankly amazed at this. I originally had an idea that it would be quite cool to raise a nice round £500, with the Children’s Heart Association being such a small charity and all. Thanks to all you lot, that got smashed out the ground pretty quickly. Up to £750 it went, and that got swatted away too. And so I doubled the target from that initial £500, and you’ve all bloody gone smashed that too. One target after another has been demolished and now the amount raised has gone well into four figures. I am genuinely chuffed to bits, so thank you all. I smashed another target as well this week. Admittedly one not self-imposed, but I received an email this week from RunKeeper with the simple words “You’re kind of a big deal…you’ve logged over 500 miles!”. Kind of a big deal – that sounds kind of nice. And plus, 500 miles is quite frankly a ridiculous number of miles to run, averaging out at about 100 miles a month since I began all this nonsense. Averaging I say, as this month I’ve run a scarcely believable 168.3, which is about the distance from my flat in South Manchester all the way to Cardiff. I’ve had a couple of...

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New boots

This all seems so long ago now. ‘Twas only my second ever post on this here blog, just over four months ago as I type. I was younger, I was more naïve. I had it all ahead of me. I’d bid farewell to my old friends, I had a brand, spanking new pair, and I had a whole lot of running to do. It’s been a long, hot summer. Well, a long summer in any case. A summer spent training my body and mind to be able to hopefully drag myself around all 26.2 miles in three weeks time. It’s been a summer of successes and a summer of failures. Incredibly, it has been a summer of running, at the latest count, 469 miles. That genuinely amazes me. It’s the equivalent of running to Suffolk and back, and that felt long enough doing it in the car when I went to Latitude. By the time the marathon comes around I’ll have gone over 500 miles. I wanted to give it the big one and say that was the equivalent of John O’ Groats to Land’s End or something but I’ve just looked and that is about 300 miles further then that, so that would have in fact been a load of nonsense. Still, 500 miles. That’s a lot of running. In fact, such is the distance that I’ve covered since...

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