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That’s logistics

I remember writing back in January that I knew that even though that was the week that broke me I would have bigger weeks to come. This week was that bigger week. The biggest, in fact. Ever. The most I have ever and probably will ever run in a seven day period, the equivalent of running round the M60 twice. 70 miles, over seven runs, with an 18 mile practice marathon pace effort right at the very end. The trouble with that though, is the actual logistics of fitting it all in.

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The hardest week

As soon as I drew up the training plan for this year’s marathon, there were one or two chunks that looked horribly daunting written down with the figures for the week staring me in the face. The general cycle of hard week / easy (ish) week as per usual, but with one or two notable spikes of difficulty that looked monumentally difficult compared to anything that had gone before it. Last week was the first of these, and with one or two extra challenges thrown in alongside for good measure which I’ll come to in a bit. The first...

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New year, same old me

Happy new year folks! So here we are again, it’s time for the now traditional start-of-year blog. Hitting all these well-worn subjects from years gone by: Hope you had a good Christmas The weather is rubbish The weather has been rubbish all Christmas I’m doing loads of running again Most of this has taken place in really, really rubbish weather Got me some new running shoes The rubbish weather has trashed them already Happy new year! It’s been an busy couple of months since my last blog marking the close of the year’s activities – where I hinted at bigger things to come – to now where I am in...

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A bridge too far

First up, apologies for the few days’ radio silence. It’s been really difficult trying to get down into words quite how I feel about Sunday morning’s exertions on the streets of Greater Manchester, and a thankfully successful attempt at running 26.2 miles before lunchtime. I’d also like to apologise for the length of this one (that’s what she said etc etc) but trying to condense the full range of emotions into a standard blog-sized post isn’t easy sometimes, and I’ve always lacked a bit of quality control anyway. But I digress. I did it. I ran a marathon. I...

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Day of reckoning

So. Here we are. The pre-race blog. The calm before the storm. The culmination of months of hard work; of blood, sweat and tears. It’s a strange mixture of feelings with just a couple of days left before I have to run 26.2 miles for the second time in my life. Two and a half years since the last time I put my body through the pain and suffering, running for over three hours on my stupid little feet, this time for no other reason than I want to get the chance to do it all again next year on the...

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