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Familiar ground

I wasn’t planning on doing a full blog so soon after last week’s. For one thing, my time has been pretty much exclusively divided between running, sleeping, eating and working for literally weeks now,¬†with very little in the way of free time for anything else. Last week was the absolute monster week too; potentially as high as 61.5 miles and with the final huge Sunday run taking up over a third of that at a daunting 22 miles. Only once in my life have I ever gone further than that: Sunday 9th October, 2011 and the Liverpool Marathon. Which...

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Through the glass ceiling

What a glorious day out there today. For the first time in 2014, I woke up for the Sunday long run without dread. Where was the rain? The wind? The storms? Awoken by a stunning sunrise, and with the temperature approaching double figures already, suddenly, everything seemed right with the world. For once, I would not lose all feeling in my hands and feet after a few miles, or have to wring the precipitation from my shirt, hat and gloves while traipsing through Gorton, stuck miles from home. It would be running like it used to be; warm, bright,...

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Motivation and sacrifice

I really, really didn’t want to have to whinge about the weather again this week. I mean, how predictable, right? How very British. Look at the silly little marathon man, moaning about a bit of wind and rain. But seriously, come on. It’s been nearly a month since I last posted complaining about it all, and it’s still bloody going on isn’t it? In fact if anything it’s got worse. What an absolutely ridiculous year to pick to do my first ever spring marathon. Now twelve weeks and fifty-odd runs into my 18 week plan, I can honestly count...

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Mid term report

Well that didn’t take long. A little over two and a half months ago, I sat here tapping away, writing my closing blog of 2013, wrapping up for the year and gently pondering whether or not to throw myself into a marathon for 2014. I mooted various options; London (virtually impossible, short of raising two grand in five months), Berlin (denied), Chester (possible, plenty of build up time), Liverpool (familiar), Barcelona (too soon) or Manchester (local). And that’s all I was doing really – pondering. After all, that bloody thing in 2011 took over my entire life for weeks:...

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Losing weight

Whisper it, but it definitely appears that I may now have actually entered another marathon. I have paid someone a sum of money. I have an email confirmation from them. I have a reminder in my diary. And, most importantly of all, I have a target. A ridiculous, ludicrous target. Essentially, trying to shave 14 minutes off a personal best, just so that I can get the chance to do it all again in London a year later. Er…hang on a cotton picking minute. Why exactly am I doing this again? Regardless of the lack of sanity involved, the...

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